Richmond Ringette Covid-19 Safety Plan

For details on how Richmond Ringette plans to protect our members from Covid-19 transmission please refer to our safety plan.

Please note that our plan will be updated as new information or procedures become available.

Summary of what to expect at the Richmond Ice Centre

The following are the changes in protocols at Richmond Ice Centre:

1.  Effective October 12 – dressing rooms are now available 15 minutes before and after rentals. (This also means they are allowed in 15 minutes prior)
2.  Effective October 12 – ice times are now booked as 1.00, 1.25, and 1.50 hour ice times with 15 minutes in between.
3.  Effective October 14 – practices continue to be 22 person limits and games can have a total of (45) players, coaches and minor officials.
4.  With these new protocols, face masks are now mandatory off-ice as people will not be able to distance.