For details on how Richmond Ringette plans to protect our members from Covid-19 transmission please refer to our safety plan.  Richmond Ringette – COVID-19 Safety Plan (version 1.0)

Please note that our plan will be updated as new information or procedures become available.

Summary of what to expect at the Richmond Ice Centre

At this time, Richmond Ice Centre has a 16-person limit for each ice surface (including coaches), no spectators (1 coordinator per team allowed inside) and the dressing rooms are closed.  If your child is unable to tie their own skates, their skates must be put on outside the arena.  Make sure you have good skate guards!  All water stations are turned off for the first few weeks.  Make sure the water bottle is full when you arrive.  Players will be allowed into the arena 10 minutes before their ice time and need to leave within 10 minutes of their ice time ending.  Players will be assigned a numbered spot on the bench.  This is where they can put on skates and helmets on and keep a small bag.  Spots on the boards near the bench have been numbered to match the bench numbers.  This is where the water bottle is placed.

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