RRA Board of Directors

Minutes from the Meeting of December 19, 2019

RIC, Richmond, BC   7:30 to 9:30 PM


Attendees:   James Snowdon, George Heinrich (on the phone), Carolyn Jimenez (CJ) Schneider (on the phone), Denise Campbell, Doramy Ehling,

Regrets:  Daphne Xia, Wendy Tsang, Tannis Tapley, Diane Cohen, Jason Chiu, Troy Takasaki, Laura Takasaki, Eileen Gow, Johnson Chiu


James welcomed everyone to the meeting as it is really important that we want to ensure that everyone gets information on progress to date on the Gaming Submission.    Unfortunately, we don’t have quorum tonight so we will not be in a position to officially pass motions.



MOTION:   Moved by Denise Campbell/George Heinrich, that the Agenda of the December 19th, 2019 Board meeting be approved as circulated.  (Carried)



Deferred until we have Quorum/Next Meeting




No conflicts declared based on today’s agenda




  • Gaming Application: James reported that he has not heard back from Gaming.  He will contact them this week.   They are still in the process of reviewing our latest submission.    James submitted financial statements/gaming reports and shared all of this information with the Board via WhatsApp.  It is completely understandable why Gaming officials needed further information.  We may not hear back from Gaming before February 27th, 2020.     In the interim, Daphne has done a great job in getting us caught up tracking expenses with this year’s financials.    Please feel free to contact James if you have any questions regarding the material that James shared.


  • LMRL Meeting Updates:


  • New Rules to prevent goal spread of 10 goals or more: Effective January 1, 2020, the LMRL has instituted fines/penalties for community level teams who run the scores up.   Coaches can’t have a goal spread of 10 goals or more.  This rule won’t apply to A teams.   Referees have an obligation now to formally report to LMRL if they officiate over a game where this occurs.  The Coach of the team that is in violation of this policy will have to serve a one game suspension.   LMRL will officially assign the penalty, not the referees.  For Richmond, refs will report the violation to George (as our Referee in Chief) and George will then in turn inform the LMRL Referee in Chief and the VP of the LMRL.    This rule will not over ride tournament rules.     James has ensured that RRA coaches have been updated about this new rule.
  • Tiering: LMRL have also tiered u12/u14/u16 community teams (aka “B” teams).    It is their objective to ensure that match ups are fair.

ACTION:  James will check to see if u10 teams also tiered.

  • Payment of AA Referee Fees: Directors indicated that we would benefit from getting clarity on who organizes the referee assignments and who pays for the referees when we play an AA Team.

ACTION:   James will check with Rod




No report at this time


  • TREASURER (Daphne)


As Daphne not in attendance, James reported that Daphne has made great progress in using the new software program.  We now are completely up to date with our financial reports, our gaming reports, and our annual profit/loss statements.  Our current balance is $55K.   James shared our current forecast that includes our estimated ice costs $45K from September to March including the WCC although we are still awaiting confirmation of total WCC ice related costs.   We still need to pay for costs that include WCC, RACA and we have not got any ability at this stage to do any additional development/ promotions, no tournament subsidies, no coach training and we anticipate that there will also be additional referee costs beyond the funds that were provided at the start of the season to each team to assist in offsetting referee costs.   We need to assess cash flow requirements.  WCC revenues typically are around $15K but we will need to wait for sponsors to pay plus look at raffle revenues.    We need to slow down on spending until we can confirm WCC revenues and the status of our 2nd submission to the Gaming officials.   We also need to look for cost savings.  Troy will carefully manage our Ice Allocation and we will need to look at consolidating ice times.  We need to be very careful about how we proceed.   We will hold/put a freeze on other expenses other than covering the costs for Ice/Referees.   We can’t sponsor teams until we know how much we are getting.   We may also look at hosting a more low-key AGM.

ACTION:   James will talk to local businesses to drive up sponsorships.   James will also brief Troy and Laura over the holidays.    James & George will work on the player raffle (Pick a Player) concept for the WCC.




No report at this time


  • HEAD COACH (Laura)

No report


  • HEAD REFEREE (George)

No report

  • EQUIPMENT (Eileen and Denise)

No report


While Johnson had to send his regrets for today’s meeting, James shared that they are still looking for a U10 skating development program that will need to be self-funded

ACTION:  James will discuss with Troy.


CJ reported that we are very close to the deadline to give Goaline notice.  Our current contract requires 60 days’ notice.   Will need to cancel by Feb. 28th.   There was consensus that we should move to Team Snap.   Benefits will include:   reduced costs; improved user experience; integration of our various systems; better service; we can also add a tournament module for WCC.   This will be a priority over the next 60 days.

  • PROMOTIONS (Laura Takasaki)

There was some discussion about the upcoming free Olympic Day at the Oval.   Looking for an opportunity for Fun2.   We could potentially combine with CTR/Gymringette.

ACTION:   Doramy to check in with Laura to see if this is going ahead and if we can participate in the program. 

  1. WEST COAST CLASSIC (Laura Takasaki)

76 Teams are registered + 2 NRL teams.  We agreed it was all hands-on deck to support the WCC Organizing Committee.

  1. SPONSORSHIP (Wendy)

Wendy needs help with follow-up to the sponsors and picking up the items.

ACTION:  Info will be shared via the WCC Chat Group on what support is required.


No other business items were discussed.


MOTION:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM


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