Board Job Descriptions

Richmond Ringette Association is a non-profit sports association. Board members and volunteers are required to successfully run the association. The board always welcomes volunteers and new board members. Training and support are provided in the role.

Board of Directors / Committee Job Descriptions


Updated: March 2015







Preside over all executive meetings

Prepare an agenda for meetings

Ensure all executive members fulfill their obligations

Ensure a quorum is available for meetings

Set the date for the AGM each year

Accept telephone calls and any correspondence on behalf of the Association

Request and maintain a file on CRC’s

Represent the Richmond Ringette Association at the monthly Lower Mainland Ringette League meetings, the LMRL AGM and the Annual General Meeting of the British Columbia Ringette Association


  1. Vice President

Assist the president in the execution of Association business

Monitors and responds to the President email address, forwards emails to relevant board contacts

Fulfill the duties of the president in his/her absence

Train to assume President position for the next term

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. 2nd Vice President

Assist other board members with any projects when required

Attend various meetings when necessary

Fulfill the duties of the President or 1st Vice President in their absence

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Secretary

Attend all executive meetings

Record the minutes of these meetings and distribute copies to all executive members before the next regular meeting

Maintain Association records and files

Contact executive members to remind them of date and time of upcoming meeting

Arrange bookings for board meetings and AGM

Is a regular voting member of the executive

Is responsible for the organization and maintenance of the on-line association documentation storage area.


  1. Treasurer

Prepare a budget at the start of the season

Maintain the books for the Richmond Ringette Association general and gaming accounts

Pays memberships fees and other fees to BCRA

Have financial statements prepared at year end

Pay all approved association bills

Arranges for refunds for player withdrawals

Monitor the balances of accounts to ensure that the Association does not incur more debits than income

Apply for gaming funds when applicable

Attend all executive meetings

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Ice Allocator

Provide the LMRL Scheduler with the ice times for game slots

Arrange ice times with the arenas for free camps, tryouts, etc.

Advise our referee Allocator of any changes in league games or of any exhibition games

Allocate team practice ice around league games and gym times

Have coaches advise of any tournaments they are in, games they have to make up, or practice times they cannot make

All teams rotate equally through early morning ice.

As a general rule, the older teams would get the later ice and the younger teams get the earlier ice

Check ice invoice from arenas, ensuring we are billed the correct amount and advise the treasurer in order that this gets paid in a timely manner

Allocate ice to LMRL All-star program (4 hours) and Zone 4 All-star program (4 hours) when applicable

Coordinate with arenas any additional ice, cancellation of ice at the end of the season, tournament ice etc.

Attend all executive meetings

Set up ice schedule for West Coast Classic Tournament

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Registrar

The Registrar position is responsible for accurate registration of all association players, coaches, managers, executive members and volunteers. This positions works in conjunction with the Treasurer to ensure all association registration fees are accounted for, as well as ensuring insurance is provided to all members.

Ensures Registration are correctly entered in Karelo

Ensures age group reflects assigned team

Enters all coaches, managers and volunteers into appropriate membership categories

Ensures proper insurance coverage for all players

Works in conjunction with the Treasurer to ensure Karelo/ BCRA fees are paid in time

Works with players for funding options

Investigates some refunds and provides families with rationale when accepted, or if denied

In conjunction with the Treasurer provides refunds to players

Coordinate and mail out the registration forms to the membership

Keep an updated registration list in divisions for the use of the coaches and executive members

Provides updated team rosters for tournaments

Provide Richmond Arena with our membership list

Ensure all members are properly registered with BCRA and Ringette Canada by the dates given each year

Collect uniform deposits from registrar and hold for Equipment Manager

Attend all executive meetings

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Referee in Chief

Select referees for the season

Recruit new referees

Monitor new referees by attending some of their games

Obtain the names of all referees available for the season from the Referee in Chief of LMRL

Obtain/provide budget from/to Richmond Ringette Association and open an account designated “Richmond Ringette Referee Account”

Obtain schedule from LMRL for preliminary /league play and then assign referees to home games

Document games worked by individual referees

Distribute pay to referees every two weeks

Provide a final accounting of fees paid for by the Association along with bank statements/cancelled cheques

Attend all executive meetings

Schedule referees for West Coast Classic Tournament

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Head Coach

Maintain an up to date coach’s applications file ( levels etc)

Ensure all coaches are notified of coaching courses dates, tournaments, etc.

If necessary, form a committee to choose the coaches

Help coordinate player evaluations and team selections

Monitor league play, aiding coaches with problems as required

Act as liaison between coaches and the executive

Ensure all coaches are aware of BCRA regulations for league and tournament play (levels of certification required, number of team staff allowed/required on the bench etc.)

Provide assistance to Division Manager

Obtain Criminal Record Checks for all coaches and team staff

Attend all executive meetings

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Equipment Manager

Maintain an inventory of ringette uniforms and equipment

Distribute the uniforms and equipment to teams at the beginning of the season

Responsible for purchasing additional uniforms and equipment as required

Arrange for repair of damaged equipment

Monitor the storage facility

Distribute sponsor bars to teams as sponsors are identified

Coordinate the return of uniforms and equipment at the end of the season

Attend all executive meetings


  1. Tournament Director

Coordinate Tournament dates

Ensure the tournament is sanctioned by BCRA (follow BCRA tournament guidelines)

Organize and chair a tournament committee to coordinate the following jobs:

Arrange for ice required to run the tournament

Develop and maintain budget

Advertise the tournament (if applicable) in cooperation with the promotions director

Format and distribute tournament registration forms with Registrar

Organize the tournament raffle draws and 50/50 draws

Attend all executive meetings

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Fundraising Director/Coordinator

Coordinate all executive fund raising activities. The fundraising choices should be brought up at the AGM and confirmed by the Executive at the following Board meeting


Liaise with team managers to keep a list of team fundraising activities so as to avoid conflict

Approach past and potential team sponsors for continued or future sponsorship

Assure that teams have sponsor bars on jerseys, encouraging teams to send in newspaper articles mentioning their team sponsors.

Assure sponsor plaques/photos are delivered by to the sponsors within a reasonable time frame along with a thank you letter.

Attend all executive meetings

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Director of Promotions

Attend executive board meetings

Compile articles on behalf of teams to distribute to local newspapers for publishing

Organize erection of registration signage with Members-at-Large

Organize Bring-a-Friend, Come Try Ringette events, and other promotional events such as City Works Yard Open House,

Coordinate volunteers for Come Try Ringette and other promotional events

Create fund raising initiatives and execute with Members-at-Large

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. Player Development

Setup power skating and drill sessions for our association. Can work with other associations if need be.

Get older players involved with helping out the younger players at said camps/sessions

Attend all executive meetings

Is a regular voting member of the executive


  1. & 16. Member-at-Large (maximum of 2 positions)

Attend all executive board meetings

Help the free camp committee with the camp and used equipment table

Organize a ringette float for the Salmon Festival parade

Assist other executive members in their tasks as required, such as: Help the Registrar compose an information pamphlet for Ringette advertising

Take on jobs at Richmond tournaments, etc

Help with the erection of registration signage

Help Promotions at and distribute promotional pamphlets at Come Try Ringette events

Organize photo night for association

If we do not have a fundraising person - Send out letters to previous sponsors and maintain file. Ensure that team photos are handed out when money is received.

Send thank you letters. (as per bullets 3,4,5 )

Is a regular voting member of the executive



  1. Division Manager

Obtain tiering forms for assigned division

Attend as many games as possible, to determine if teams have tiered correctly (can use others to help watch games)

Attend tiering meeting with coaches to determine divisions

Act as a liaison between coaches in your division to settle disputes arising during the season

President and Head Coach to provide assistance


  1. Website Coordinator

Maintain website content

Update website as required

Create new web pages

Ensure yearly fees are paid to website vendor

Import registrations from Karelo to ensure that membership list is on current website

Coordinate and execute email/website campaigns as necessary to promote annual registration, springette, events, come try ringette, tournaments, etc.


  1. RACA Director

As an Associate Member of Richmond Arenas Community Association, Richmond Ringette Association appoints two representatives to serve as directors on the RACA Board of Directors.

The purpose of RACA:

Maintain and foster ongoing relationship among members and representatives of City of Richmond concerning use and operation of Richmond Arenas

Assist in promotion of adequate arena facilities for use by Richmond residents

Raise funds for purpose of improving the programs and facilities of Richmond arenas

Increase public awareness of and participation in programs at Richmond arenas by Richmond residents

Participate in organization of programming at and utilization of Richmond arenas