About Ringette

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Catriona Le May Doan explains why she loves Ringette!

Why play Ringette?

  • Ringette emphasizes team play over individual stardom.
  • Deliberate contact is prohibited.
  • Ringette offers competition at every skill level - recreational leagues, elite leagues, high school, University, National Ringette League and International competition
  • Ringette strongly promotes the physical learning principles of Long Term Athlete Development.
  • Ringette seeks to develop each individual to their maximum potential as an athlete and as a person.

Who plays Ringette?

EVERYONE – girls and boys, men and women, pre-schoolers to seniors!

Where can I play Ringette?

ANYWHERE there is an arena – or a gym.


The Fastest Game on Ice!

Ringette is not hockey for girls!

  • different rules…
  • different equipment…
  • different skills…
  • different game!

Fun & Friendships Happen on Ice!

  • Building strong, fit & confident kids
  • Start as young as 4 years old
  • Learn to skate
  • Non-contact sport with full protective equipment
  • A full hour filled with fast play
  • Maximum participation, a true team sport
  • Play recreationally or competitively
  • Become a skilled athlete
  • Any age & physical stage, from 4 – 95
  • Travel! Play locally, provincially, nationally and even internationally. Richmond Ringette Association has teams that consistently rank as league champions and provincial champions. We have regularly sent our players to the BC Winter Games, Provincials and Western Ringette tournament.

Ringette is a fast-paced ice sport introduced in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario by Sam Jacks. Originally developed for girls, Ringette is played with a straight, tapered stick used to pass, carry, and shoot a rubber ring with the object being to score goals.


Ringette is played throughout Canada at many different levels, from house league to all-stars and in national and international competition. In Canada, 50,000 athletes, coaches, and officials call Ringette their sport. BC has approximately 2,200 registered players most of which participate in the Lower Mainland Ringette League. Ringette is also played internationally in Finland, Sweden, United States, and has been introduced in many other countries.

The greatest difference between Ringette and hockey is that the obstruction and interference that routinely occurs in hockey is prohibited in Ringette, instead requiring the player to use skill and speed in checking the opponent, resulting in a fast-skating, highly-skilled passing game.


Age Divisions

  • U9 (Bunnies) - 8 years & under
  • U10 (Novice) - 9 years & under
  • U12 (Petite) - 11 years & under
  • U14 (Tween) - 13 years & under
  • U16 (Junior) - 15 years & under
  • U19 (Belle) - 18 years & under
  • 18+ (Open) - 18 years & over
  • 30+ (Masters) - 30 years & over

What is Ringette?

Two ringette players checking