Richmond Ringette Association Annual General Meeting Saturday, April 6, 2019

Riverside Banquet Hall, 14500 River Road, Richmond BC

1) Opening Remarks

President James Snowdon welcomed the members to the 2019 Annual General Meeting. There are thirty-seven registered members in attendance. An attendance list is enclosed as Appendix


2)       Confirmation of Quorum

 It was confirmed that there is quorum in accordance with RRA by-laws

3)        Approval of the Agenda

Resolution: Moved by Carolyn Jimenez Schneider/Seconded by Denise Campbell that the Agenda be approved as circulated

4)       Approval of the Minutes from the 2018 Annual General Meeting

While the minutes had been circulated with the meeting notice, because we did not have hard copies available at the meeting it was agreed that we would defer approval of the minutes at an extraordinary general meeting that will be scheduled as soon as possible in April 2019

5)       President Report

The President spoke about the proud history of ringette in Richmond and the inclusive and positive sport experience we provide for athletes, coaches, officials and parents from both inside and outside Richmond. The President provided an overview of the past year’s accomplishments (see report in Appendix B). He thanked our donors, sponsors, our volunteers and all the parents that contribute so much to our sport. The President also spoke about our plans for the 2019/20 season. We want to offer more programming and engage more athletes/coaches/officials. We will focus on coach and athlete development. We want to have fun both at the rink and at the Board table. He encouraged everyone to register early and to please volunteer to help strengthen our organization.

The President also provided an update on the BCRA Strategic Plan and the introduction of 2 streams – community and competitive and how this will be transitioned in the 2019/20 season.

A concern was raised about the u16 team’s negative experience this season and their frustration with BCRA as they did not get any response to their complaints.          The President indicated he would commit to taking the concerns forward to BCRA for resolution.

6)        2018/19 Financial Report

The Treasurer provided a brief verbal summary of the 2018/19 financial statement. As the written report was not available at the meeting, the members agreed to defer receipt of the financials until an extraordinary general meeting that will be scheduled as soon as possible in April 2019.

7)         Election of the Board of Directors

The Secretary provided an overview of the current slate and what positions were open for nominations. There were 3 calls for additional nominations at which time the following resolution was presented:

Resolution: Moved by Carolyn Jimenez Schneider/Seconded by Denise Campbell that the Members approve the following individuals to serve on the Richmond Ringette Association Board of Directors for 2019/20:

Position Name
President James Snowdon
Vice President Vacant
Secretary Doramy Ehling
Treasurer Daphne Xia
Registrar Tannis Tapley
Ice Scheduler Troy Takasaki
Officials George Heinrich
Head of Coaching Vacant
Player Development Johnson Chiu
Equipment Manager Eileen Gow
Sponsorship Wendy Tsang
Promotions Taylor Triance
Tournament Director Laura Takasaki
Tournament Director Diane Cohen
Tournament Director Tricia Minshall
Web Master Carolyn Jimenez Schneider
RACA Harry Boyce
Member at Large Sacha Rapchuk
Member at Large Jason Chiu
Member at Large Denise Campbell


8)       Presentations of Scholarships

 Two scholarships were presented by Troy and Laura Takasaki:

Dennis Minns Scholarship was presented to Danielle Robertson

Takasaki Sportsmanship Scholarship was presented to Danelle Robertson for her outstanding service. She has been very involved in Ringette for many years as an athlete (currently u19

player); coach (coached U12 team this year); and a photographer for the RRA AGM and the West Coast Classic.

9)       Adjournment

Resolution: Moved by George Heinrich/Seconded by Denise Campbell that the 2019 Annual General Meeting be adjourned.

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